Hoi S. KWOK (PhD, Harvard, 1978)

Dr William Mong Chair Professor of Nanotechnology

E-mail "eekwok@ust.hk"
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Research Interests
Display technologies and nanotechnologies. 

Brief Biography
Professor Kwok received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University in 1973. He then studied at Harvard University, where he received his MS and PhD degrees in Applied Physics in 1974 and 1978 respectively. From 1978 to 1980, he worked at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. From 1980 to 1992, he was with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, where he was a Full Professor since 1985. He joined HKUST in 1992. Currently he is the Director of the State Key Laboratory on Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics.
Professor Kwok has chaired many conferences including the Annual Symposium of the Society for Information Display in 2016. He was awarded a Presidential Young Investigator Award in 1984 and the New York State/UUP Excellence Award in 1991. He is a Fellow of IEEE, OSA and SID. He is also an elected member of the Asia Pacific Academy of Materials.

Professor Kwok has published over 700 journal and conference papers. He has also written 3 monographs and edited 6 Conference Proceedings. He holds more than 90 patents and is active in technology transfer.  

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